Business Education Services

In times of challenges, you may not be able to lead the crowd. By enhancing your organizational performance through continuous improvement, you can be sure you will not be lagging behind.

To enhance your employees' competitiveness and drive for excellence, D&B provides training and staff development for a wide spectrum of organizations in varying sizes, culture and sophistication, satisfying your training requirements and maximizing the return on training investment.

  • Public Seminars
  • Customized In-House Training

We understand that every organization's situation is unique. At D&B Malaysia, we provide flexible arrangements and deliver customized training workshops to meet the specific needs and requirements of companies. The workshops can be conducted at your desired time and location to the maximum benefit of your employees.

Practical training programes are available for all levels of personnel in specialized areas:

  • Senior/Management Executives
  • Managers
  • Future Leaders
  • Credit & Financial Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Customer Service Executives

Speak to us about your training requirements. D&B will do the rest.

For more information on Business Education Services, please contact:

  Yin Pui Kuan
  Tel: 03 5623 5852

  2017 Schedule

  NLP Powerful Presentation Sales Pitch
  21 June 2017
  Steve Lim
  Extending Credit
  4-5 July 2017
  Peter Fong
  Practical Debt Collection
  25-26 July 2017
  Peter Fong
  Extending Credit
  21-22 August 2017
  Peter Fong
  NLP: Laugh Your Stress Away!
  23 August 2017
  Steve Lim
  NLP: Sales and Motivation
  24 August 2017
  Steve Lim
  Stress Management Certificate Course
  23-25 August 2017
  Steve Lim
  NLP: Coaching Practitioner Certification Course
  11-13 September 2017
  Steve Lim
  Practical Debt Collection
  2-3 October 2017
  Peter Fong
  NLP: Practitioner Certification Course
  11-13 and 25-27 October 2017
  Steve Lim
  Timeline Therapy Certification Course
  23-24 November 2017
  Steve Lim
  HypnoYoga Retreat
  2-3 December 2017
  Steve Lim
  Practical Debt Collection
  11-12 December 2017
  Peter Fong