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Empower Your Employees with Future-Ready Skills

and Drive Corporate Innovation

There are a multitude of ways to upskill employees, drive productivity, collaboration and growth. We have selected the most effective and impactful modes of learning to achieve your training goals.

Scheduled Courses

Our Scheduled Courses can be conducted in both small and large groups which provides great flexibility and helps facilitate agile learning. Ideal for companies with limited number of participants.

Customised Courses

Learning needs which are often specific to job functions and industries will require a “human touch” to be addressed. Deep customizations are at the heart of what we do to help align your L&D strategies with business goals.

Team-Building Activities

Teambuilding creates positive synergies and seeks to drive better communication and collaboration among teams within the organisation.
The ultimate goal is to boost employee retention and morale and build high-performing diverse teams at work.

Lunch & Learn Talks

Lunch and Learn sessions provide bite-sized learning for a variety of in-demand topics with minimal disruptions to the day-to-day activities of your employees.

Consultancy Service

Our consultancy services go beyond training and focus on building internal capabilities - people, organizational structure and processes - for the long-term.

Learning Management System

Digitalize and automate your organization’s learning to create a sustainable digital learning ecosystem and achieve optimal training effectiveness for your employees.

Digital Learning Solutions

Shifting training programmes wholesale to a virtual environment may address certain training needs in the short-term, but these may not suit the delivery methods of specific employee groups. Adopting a human-centred approach to learning is key to achieving optimal training effectiveness for your employees. To address these gaps, we have helped organizations build sustainable learning ecosystems through our outcome-based digital learning solutions.

Digital Content Development & Instructional Design

Digitalize your organization's learning for a variety of use cases such as HR Onboarding, Legal and Compliance and Technical Training.


Gain critical insights into the training situation of your company and administer trainings more effectively with our user-friendly learning portal.

Funded Courses

Upskill yourself and your employees, at no extra cost for you with the following grant schemes. More information about eligibility and details of grants can be found in the links below.
*Terms and Conditions Apply.

The HRD Corp Claimable Course is a dedicated programme designed to assist employers in retraining and upskilling their employees in line with their operational and business requirements.

Pro Bono Webinars

We conduct one or two online webinars on a monthly basis, free for all to attend
with no hidden charges!
As slots are limited, prior registration is required.

Influencing, Persuading and Selling Through Virtual Meetings
Harnessing the Power of Sustainability Reporting
Driving HR Transformation

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