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CREDITSCAN MALAYSIA acts as a limitless commercial intelligent solution portal developed by Dun & Bradstreet Malaysia where our purpose is to facilitate you with what you need to make intelligent decisions when managing your business risk.

Manage Business Risks With

Due Diligence Services

From onboarding a new business partner including clients, suppliers,or periodical assessment on third parties' risks as part of your Risk Management Policy. Protect the interests of all parties through reducing potential business risk, financial risk or credit risk.
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Customized Solutions

A Cross-Border Customized Due Diligence Service, inclusive of Market Research, Industrial Research, etc to help you better form your strategic decisions.
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    • Corporate Profiles
    • Share Capital Details
    • Shareholders & Board of Directors Details
    • Summary of Key Financial Statements
    • Summary of Key Financial Ratios
    • Business Interest Groups

Business Scan

Quick Screening for potential customers and suppliers should be fast and hassle free. Evaluate Potential Prospects in just one click with Business Scan

CREDITSCAN Malaysia equips businesses with up-to-date and authoritative business data from local jurisdictions to evaluate a company’s background risks.

We have combined local expertise in commercial data for company in real time for you to make the most informed decisions seamlessly.

Smart Compliance Screening

Smart Compliance Screening is an AI-driven, automated screening solution to enable you to meet your Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory obligations to avoid financial penalties and reputational risk.


SCS screen against complex and growing international sanctions regulations on associated with sanctioned entities and individual.

Politically Exposed Persons
Identify Politically Exposed Persons covering from 240 countries which was assigned with risk rating considering their risk from country corruptions rating, held position risk, and any other risk events.
SCS Adverse Media screening on global media coverage of 240 countries of more than 70 languages
    • Registered Profile with local registrar
    • More Ownership Profile than just direct ownership
    • Management Background aside from Board of Directors
    • Business Operations and Media Findings
    • Litigation Details, Registered Charges & Principal Bankers’ Details
    • Details Financial Statement Highlights & Analysis

Comprehensive Report

This report equips you with more than basic business information such as registered company profile with local registrar that can only support you with simple background check which unable to fulfil your enhanced credit risk management policy. 

The Comprehensive Report encompasses the following: 

Credit Risk Assessment and Rating

Narrative Analysis covering operational works and financial soundness

Audited Financial Statements

This search provides full set of Audited Financial Statement filed by Inquiry Subject.

  • Complete set of Financial Statement
  • Auditor’s Opinion and Notes to Financials

Special Requests


Designed for Marketing and Strategic Planning Use

Understand competitors and industry peers with SWOT Analysis & 4Ps’ Analysis

Business Potential Report (BPR)

Freshly investigated report come with update and verified business information for medium risk transaction.

Understand Inquiry Company’s Operational and Financial Condition.

Comes with Business Score & Rating.

Basic Overseas Report

A freshly investigated report come with more than brief company’s registered profile and financial summary* of overseas companies.

Equipped reader to understand company’s profile and operation details in countries that the company is operating.

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