Environmental, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance (ESG) has become a crucial yardstick for corporate reporting.

With the increasing number of ESG-related regulations around the world, more studies on the correlation among the application of good ESG practices, increased revenue growth, and the disclosure of ESG performance information by companies has become a key factor when choosing partners to conduct business.

A recent study showed that more than 30% of companies have integrated ESG controls into their supplier and vendor selection process. This percentage is expected to grow rapidly over the next 5 years. 

Source: 2020 Dun and Bradstreet survey conducted by Censuswide, on behalf of Dun & Bradstreet – of 1,000 Supply and Procurement professionals 500 US/500 UK professionals, December 2020.


Validating ESG initiatives against established sustainability standards and being credibly recognized for them is not always an easily defined process.

Many companies are at a loss for how to convert their ESG goals and initiatives into an advantage when being considered against competitors by a potential business partner, and how to have that advantage visible by the market.

Dun & Bradstreet ESG Sustainability Mark

D&B ESG Registered demonstrates your company’s commitment to disclose ESG initiatives which help companies to enhance their competitive advantage in doing business.

The D&B ESG Registered assessment, profile, and recognition are documented in the D&B Data Cloud, the world’s most comprehensive source of commercial business data leveraged by over 90% of the Fortune 500.

Becoming Dun & Bradstreet ESG Registered

To become D&B ESG Registered, your company must complete an ESG assessment engineered by Dun & Bradstreet and subject matter experts. This assessment is built around industry recognized sustainability standards such as SASB, GRI, the UN SDGs, and many others that help global businesses set goals and policies around ESG.

The D&B ESG Registered and profile are delivered to all who successfully complete the assessment and validation process, demonstrating that your company is committed to disclosing its ESG data.


Industry Recognition
Enterprises that have won the ESG data evaluation will be listed in our global corporate ESG database so they can gain industry recognition and trust.

Make good use of competitive advantages
Placing the D&B ESG Sustainability Mark on your website and your marketing collaterals to show that your company are recognized by Dun & Bradstreet for ESG disclosure.

A glance at the company’s ESG performance
The ESG overview report will help you to understand the company’s data comparison which includes the company’s own ESG rating, data performance, and reference indicators.

Easy-to-share corporate ESG information
The D&B ESG Sustainability Mark summary report information disclosure is transparent, easy to share and use, allowing your potential customers to quickly understand whether your corporate ESG information is consistent with their goals when reviewing your corporate ESG information.

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